AFSC 1A1X1 Flight Engineer EPR Bullets (2023)

Duty Description

- Systems expert on a C-130H aircraft overseeing a series of complex aircraft systems ensuring their proper operation
- Responsible for ensuring all normal checklists are completed, performs all emergency procedure checklists as needed
- Troubleshooting, diagnosing issues that may develop during the preflight checks or during normal aviation operations
- Pilots primary representative for the completion of all forms, all maintenance, and the servicing of all aircraft systems

Performance Assessment

- Accomplished fifteen mishap free FCF's; nine mission capable C-130 aircraft delivered--depot mission accomplished
- Accomplished SharePoint Site Administration course--ensured timely CoP migration; work stoppage avoided
- Acft flt tech manual expert; 360 hr/20 day TDY, line-by-line integration of NATO/USAF flt pubs--saved $3M
- Action Ofcr Crs grad; gained in-depth staff rpt & chain of cmd knowledge--eliminated 20% of office workload
- Administered 15 simulator evaluations; 45 aircrew wartime capable--ready for immediate promotion to MSgt!
- Aggresively pursued "lean" programs; eliminated unnecessary sim evluation--reclaimed 150 annual man hours
- Aggressively supports AF Fit to Fight vision; certified as squadron Fitness Leader--34 troops wartime capable
- Assisted maintenance w/ engine compressor stall malfunction; promptly isolated faulty fuel control--acft FMC
- Attended E-3 sys upgrade FE crs; ID'd 22 mistakes & 9 improvements--streamlined checklist and validated crs
- Attended SNCO Induction Seminar; internalized leadership/motivational attributes--ready for new challenges
- Augmented SWA tailswap; record six-day turn/vital to OEF tasking--provided un-interrupted AOR coverage
- Avidly audited msn data; ensured 100% on time deploy'd data input-- provid'g Wg/CC accurate msn completion data

- Best of the best! Garnered 2006 Squadron FE of the Year--my "go-to guy" on tough aircraft issues
- Boldly contributed to NATO MC in Afghan; FE Air Advisors to the AAF-- increas'g AAF overall effectiveness 95%
- Briefed 72 Canadian Force ldrshp students; identified UCMJ differences--facilitated cross-cultural awareness
- Briefed leadership on lost item procedures; ensured 100% SQ compliance w/ AFI--accelerated ground ops

- Career field expert; revamped flying training syllabus--improved FE training timeline--promote to MSgt now!
- Chief Flight Engineer in HQ ACC's largest Stan/Eval program--over 2,000 flight evals accomplished annually
- Completed 10-week correspondence course; prereq for Canadian Advanced Ldrshp Prgm--rcv'd "Outstanding"
- Completed three CDC volumes; led study groups/assisted peers with prep--avg'd 81% on End of Course exams
- Continually driven for perfection; always researching AFI's and directives; high level of competency-- consummat ldr
- Cool under pressure; flight controls emergency--leadership and knowledge averted catastrophe of $330M asset
- Cool under pressure; hydraulic system emergency--experience/knowledge averted catastrophe of $330M asset
- Coordinated budget shortfalls; acquired $35K from HHQ-- allowing the 120OG to maximize all train'g requirements
- Coordinated HQ ACC training/evaluation/operation instruction changes; standardized guidance for MAJCOM
- Created AFMC directed electro-magnetic pulse checklist; produced 43 lines--100% safety rqmt met for fleet
- Cultivated OG/CC directions; evaluated 6 FE's on periodic checkrides-- ensuring 100% compliance of sq'd standards

- Dedicated time to instruct struggling FE; re-enforced engine rqmts/limits lessons--student now CMR crew mbr
- Delivered two acft to Op ODYSSEY DAWN; secured billeting for 36 Airmen--zero disruptions to ops tempo
- Detail oriented; quickly identified vital errors during flight manual revision--saved AF $35K+ in printing costs
- Detected engine oil filter bypass; aborted msn, saved $3M engine--12 AF Aircrew Safety Awd of Distinction
- Developed AC Tng Matrix; Resulting in accurate accounting sys of currencies & training status for 21 AC personnel
- Developed squadron parking program; identified safety hazard--created 12 safe parking spots in misappropriated area
- Devoted five man-hours for development of A/R training video--training enhanced 20% for Dyess AFB BO's
- Directed removal of E-3 spare kits; reduced acft weight by 600+ lbs--decreased WG fuel costs by $14k/month
- Discovered severely damaged spoiler during preflight inspection--ensured effective flight for 10 IQT students

- Elite airman--#1/68 flt engineers; chosen as 10th Flight Test Sq alt engineer--ensured 100% FCF compliance
- Embedded w/coalition & AAF; mentored/instructed AAF on C130 capes; 5 Afghan FE upgrades-- 100% msn success
- Exceptional FE/IFE/EFE; flew 275 aircraft/simulator hours; 37 sorties; 3850 hrs total E-3 flight experience
- Executed 1st ever two-engine E-3 landing; safe recovery of aircraft/30 aircrew members--lauded by OG/CC
- Exemplary aviator/evaluator; epitome of true professionalism/leadership--promote to MSgt ahead of peers!
- Exercise Evaluation Team (EET) FE expert--adeptly graded simulated air attacks--realistic aircrew training
- Expeditiously delivered humanitarian relief; flew 60K, 50 psnl,14 AIREVAC-- supplying lifesaving supplies to locals
- Extremely reliable SNCO; selected for 552 OG Supt STAN/EVAL FE position--promote SMSgt when eligible
- Feverishly mntor'd assigned current ops mbrs; transitioned shop in new regs & procedures-- maintaining 100% MCR

- Fiercely strengthened sqd capes; coord with outside agenc's to survey new rnwy-- enhancing tactical land'g zone opts
- Flew 24 training sorties/134.6 hours; completed eight IQT/two instructor upgrades--reduced IQT backlog 25%
- Flew 33 msns/136 hrs; spt'd trng for 300+ students/27 evals--helped ready WG aircrew for AEF deployments
- Flew 35 combat msns/455 combat hrs; 68 AAR's/onloaded over 5.6 M lbs fuel--790 acft ctrl'd & x TICs spt'd
- Flexed to midstream msn change; recovered stranded 13-mbr tailswap crew--saved AF $45K in airline tickets

- Hand picked as NCOIC site survey team; designed FOL operating procedures--100% POTUS objectives met
- Hand-picked by WG rqmts as lead FE for E-3 cockpit upgrade--assured $718M NATO/USAF prgm on track
- Highly motivated/mature NCO; pursued challenges/exceeded standards--promote to Technical Sergeant ASAP!

- ID'd inflight oil malfunction; troubleshot sys/shut-down engine w/ no issues--saved 39 aircrew/$330M asset
- Identified and corrected critical error on AFPC website--saving 552 TRS aprox $36,000 a year in IEU costs
- Identified and removed object in lobe preventing fire-fighting & manual gear extension--safety access restored
- Identified seven flight manual errors; submitted AF Form 847--Engineer publication accuracy increased by 9%
- Identified three in-flight emergencies; resolved critical malfunctions--saved 15 lives & $90M in airlift combat assets
- Identified vital errors during flight manual revision; ensured flt crews safety--saved AF $35K+ in printing costs
- IG evaluator; identified five areas for improvement/two benchmark items--increased WG's combat capabilities
- Implemented AFRC ancillary training pilot program; streamlined process--saved hundreds of ancillary training hours
- Innovatively identified AAF deficiencies; reorganized entire AAF local training programs-- enabling local FE qual's
- Intense attention-to-detail; rectified 132 documentation errors across 62 evaluations--standardization sustained
- Isolated pressurization problem; executed emergency checklist--ensured recovery of $330M acft/37 aircrew

- Lead FE Deployment Planning Cell Odyssey Dawn--3 aircraft HHQ deployed within 72 hours; new benchmark
- Lead FE for CENTCOM AOR tailswap; seamless transition during high ops tempo--certified one FE for cmbt
- Lead FE Stan/Eval Flight Examiner (SEFE); managed 10 SEFEs/35 flt evaluations--100% ACC/WG goals met
- Led 52 Amn as Class Leader in ALS; coord'd/led additional study/review sessions--ensured 100% graduation
- Led acft technician's E-3 upgrade TO review; vetted 800+ comments/24 hrs--managed flt safety for 1.8K Amn
- Led multiple in-flight talks on E-3 systems; expertise key to sessions--improved sys knowledge of flt deck mbrs
- Led/organized engine malfunction checklist discussion; informed 12 Pilots/Navs/FEs--enhanced aircrew coord

- Maintained 115 publication/TO library--accurately disseminated vital E-3 information flow to 1,800+ aircrew
- Maintained 5 sq'd vhcl's; resolved AAF pass&ID complications-- allowing air advisors continued access to AAF base
- Managed $2.5M Boeing Flt Deck mod contract; supervised all stages--ensured continued E-3 fleet operations
- Managed 100+ IQT students; scheduled 109 sorties/36 simulator events--enabled 89% student effective rate
- Managed C-130 automated inspection pgm; tracked aircraft repair & corrosion--inputs made for 23 parent squadrons
- Managed Phase II of Flight Performance Software contract between AF & Boeing--kept $4.64M prgm on track
- Managed WG's most viewed webpage, 350+ times daily; data required by AFI--critical to safe E-3 operations
- Masterful completed FCF upgrade training, increased SQ productivity by 33%; resulting in zero operations msn canx
- Mentored failing student; adapted to student s learning style & motivated individual--flight engineer msn-ready
- Modernized master question file; authored 161 databank questions--readied crews for future E-3 modifications
- My first choice to plan NOBLE EAGLE mission; quick reaction to weather changes--met 100% of station time

- Ops Group go-to-guy; short notice taxi support for 2x NLG malfunctions--local repair validated/$75,000 saved
- Orchestrated expansion of AAF cert's; creat'd initial airdrop program on the C-208-- provid'g air resupply to the ANA
- Orchestrated rewrite of 552 OGI 10-7; identified 12 areas for improvement--increased wg combat capabilities
- Orchestrated rewrite/update of 552 OG eval profile guide--set standards/guidelines for all future evaluations
- Organized internal SQ selection process for AGR FE; enabled selection of best candidate--514th accession goals met
- Organized/led E-3 tour for 15 aircrew mbrs; highlighted safety equipment location--enhanced acft knowledge
- Outstanding leader achieves results; excellent Flt Eng evaluator; role model/mentor; promote to SMSgt ASAP
- Overcame aircraft discrepancies; ensured last chance TNC flight--airborne test completed; mod sustained
- Overhauled processes/continuity books; created daily/weekly checklists--streamlined flt deck OGV operations

- Performance expert; reviewed contractor algorithms/designed training--complied with AF mandated changes
- Preflighted 65 acft as cocking crew eng; ensured 65 on-time take-offs--overall 95% SQ sortie effectivness rate
- Primary FE for $2.5M Boeing eTOLD contract; supervised all stages--secured $135M E-3B/C fleet operations
- Promoted Airmen's achievements; generated four annual position award pkgs--produced one SQ & GP winner
- Provided key inputs AF ops supervision instruction re-write--HQ ACC/A3TV implemented recommendations

- Recalculated deployed fleet weight and balance; established standard data--ensured 100% T.O. compliance
- Recognized impending engine failure in-flight; executed Emergency checklist--ensured recovery of 38 aircrew
- Recognized SME; developed test cases for new weight & balance software--upgrade completed a month early
- Requested by HQ ACC Det 6 as SME for FE syllabus review/input--created training for future combat crews
- Resilient SNCO; learns from his mistakes--re-attacks with a good attitude & shares his learning experience with peers
- Resolved 10 severe vehicle mx discrepancies; ensured repairs for three vehicles--returned vehicle capability to 100%
- Responsible for aircrew read file; ensured accuracy of 1,030+ publications--critical information flow in Wing
- Restored USMC's show piece, Fat Albert to MC status post heavy PDM; Resulting in 11M inspired Air Show patrons
- Resurrected SQ AIRCAT reporting program; accounted for 162 missing sorties on 23 acft--achieved 100% reporting
- Reviewed 59 FE eval folders; rectified 47 documentation errors across 32 evaluations--12th AF stds enforced
- Revised E-3 climb gradient calculation method--ensured regulation compliance and safety of $9.9B E-3 fleet
- Revitalized requisite testing database; corrected multiple errors/outdated questions--validated new procedures

- Selected ahead of peers by SQ/CC for evaluator upgrade--enforced WG/SQ standards/SEFE manning up 25%
- SNCO w/ unparalleled drive & skill; definite selection for future Ops Superintendent-promote ahead of peers!
- Sought by HQ ACC Detachment 6 as SME for FE syllabus review/input--best training for future combat crews
- Streamlined master question file; deleted outdated/authored new questions--prepared for latest E-3 modifications
- Supported 475 ROZs/877 killboxes/21 priority events/21 kinetics 305 hrs on station/261 BMA hrs achieved
- Supported 514th static display for 2016 Hill AFB air show; depot assets showcased to 600K--AF recruiting goal met
- Supported MTANG open house; dropped ovr 60 pers & 20 halo during airshow-- displaying the cap's of the MTANG

- Team lead for charity sports camp; event coordination/registration--assured youth day with NFL role model
- Tireless efforts as an EET member; identified areas for improvement--increased wing's combat capabilities
- Tireless efforts as an IG evaluator; identified key areas for improvement--increased WG's combat capabilities
- Twice awarded the "Aircrew Safety Award of Distinction"--ensured safe return of over 60 crew/two aircraft

- Unparalleled leadership ability; top-drawer evaluator/instructor and true warrior--promote at first opportunity!
- Updated C-130 MQF bank; Researched, reviewed & corrected obsolete questions, improved accuracy & legitimation
- Updated FE 180 day master question file; updated 100 questions--readied crews for future E-3 modifications
- Upgraded FE emergency tool repair kits; improved kit content--C-130 emergency repair capability increased by 95%

- Verified procedures for $1M oxygen system modification; increased aircrew safety margin--WG taskings met

- WG's on-call FE; isolated pressurization problem--facilitated safe recovery of crew and $330 million aircraft

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