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By Reza Piri Web Development March 19, 2020

You’ve graduated college, code school or watched enough YouTube videos to become a web developer – or you want a raise – now what? If you know enough JavaScript and UI principles, then you can get started at a front-end developer job making a decent salary. The team at Gennovcap has put together a helpful resource for new or experienced front-end developers to get hired and get a raise.

Looking to hire instead? Then check out our guide to help non-technical business owners find the right app developers here.

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Knowing what you’re worth can be challenging, but thankfully in tech there’s a lot of public data we can use to make sure you’re compensated fairly. For example, we can search Glassdoor to see that there are 1,414 front-end developer jobs in Austin, TX. The average salary is $76,350 with a range from $53,000 to $117,000. That’s a $5,000 higher front-end web developer salary than the average in nearby Dallas.

On Payscale the average front-end developer salary in the United States is $71,790 with a range between $48,000 and $109,000. The range is similar but significantly lower than Glassdoor’s estimates. Payscale has a highly-customizable salary report for you to input your location, skills and years of experience into for a more detailed estimate.

Using Dice’s Salary Predictor, an entry-level front-end developer in Austin, TX can expect a salary between $50,000 and $67,000. If they have 5 years of experience, the front-end web developer’s salary can increase to an average of $58,500 to $77,500. With Adobe experience to help with UX, they could see an increase by 7% in their pay.

Don’t Forget Living Costs

How much you’re paid is only one factor in whether one front-end web developer job is better than another. Average living costs can vary dramatically depending on where you live. According to one analysis on Thinkful, the higher salaries of NYC and Silicon Valley don’t necessarily make up for their sky-high living costs. When adjusting for cost of living, the best states for compensation are:

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  1. Texas: $85,693
  2. Virginia: $84,222
  3. Utah: $83,821
  4. Illinois: $82,820
  5. Wyoming: $80,466

California came in 23rd with only $69,724 and New York at 32 at $64,483. Money isn’t everything, but think twice before moving to the two obvious tech hubs simply to earn a higher front-end developer salary.

Six skills that will increase a Front-End Developer’s salary

Experience and location are the biggest factors in how much a web developer gets paid. But what specific frameworks they know and their ability to test code can increase their pay too. Please note: all Dice stats are based upon the location of Austin, TX with 3 years of experience.

  • Backbone.js: Knowing how to use this Model-View-Controller framework can boost your salary by up to 8% according to Dice’s salary calculator. That’s more than any other JavaScript library.
  • LESS: Front-End Web Developers salary will see an average increase of 5% if they know LESS. Plus, the demand for it is predicted to increase over the coming years.
  • Drupal: Web Developers that know how to customize the UI in Drupal will still be sought after for the foreseeable future – and they’ll see a 5% increase in their salary.
  • Jasmine: Mastering this JavaScript testing framework results in a modest 3% increase in salary. But demand for developers with Jasmine is steadily increasing.
  • RESTful: Learning REpresentational State Transfer architecture won’t just speed up a web application, but your career too. Like Jasmine, it’s another skill with a sharp increase in demand as it begins replacing SOAP.
  • React.js: According to Payscale, knowing this JavaScript library created by Facebook could boost your salary by 13% – far more than other frameworks.

For another perspective on what skills could lead to a raise, read this excellent post by Scott Morris at SkillCrush.

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9 Websites to Find Front-End Developer Jobs

The more jobs a web developer gets offered, the easier it is to ask for a higher salary. Here are 9 job boards that are less saturated than LinkedIN or Indeed, to find more opportunities. This should help get multiple offers.

  • AwesomeJobs: If the idea of working remotely sounds awesome, then AwesomeJobs is an excellent aggregator. You’ll need to scroll through for the front-end developer jobs though, as they don’t offer the most precise of filters or search options.
  • Zippia: Their job board is an extensive curation of openings posted directly to corporate sites and the big tech recruiting sites. Zippia also offers thorough insights into what a career as a front-end web developer is like.
  • VueJobs: There’s a growing demand among UI developers for coders with skills Vue.js. This niche job board helps connect opportunities with front end developers with knowledge in the framework. They also feature affordable courses for those wanting to learn Vue.js.
  • Built In: If you live nearby or are willing to move to Austin, Boston, Chicago, Colorado, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco or Seattle – then Built In is one of the more exciting tech job boards to look for work. Check the recruiting events they organize in the community sites they have set up for the big tech hubs.
  • Landing.job: If you want to work in Europe, then this is the tech job board for you. There are dozens of jobs for front-end web developers from Portugal, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and more. If you’re relocating, they also feature helpful resources for workers depending on which country you hope to live.
  • SmartRecruiters: A worldwide aggregator with dozens of job listings for UI developers. SmartRecruiters makes it easy to apply to multiple opportunities by creating a SmartProfile.
  • AngularJobs: Another prolific curation of jobs for UI developers proficient in various JavaScript frameworks. AngularJobs has opportunities throughout the United States, Canada, the UK and India. They also feature a LinkedIN Group for Angular developers here.
  • Idealist: Depending on where you live in the US, Idealist may have some front end developer jobs to apply for. You won’t just be making a decent salary, but a difference in the world.
  • Motion Recruitment: It’s an active board to find UI developer jobs AND a recruiting service you can submit your resume to. All of their listings are transparent about what the salary is.

If you’re looking for even more job boards, check out our extensive list of websites to find remote and freelance work as a coder here.

Career Paths for Web Developers

Learning new skills won’t only lead to a higher salary in your current position, but help advance your career. Below are some of the most lucrative and/or common career paths for front-end developers. Please note: all Dice stats are based upon the location of Austin, TX with 3 years of experience.

  • Angular JS Developer: There are only 30 openings for Angular JS Developers on Dice at the time of publishing this article. But they have an average 23% higher salary than standard front-end developer jobs.
  • UX Designer: If you want to spend more time wireframing and using photoshop than coding, transitioning into a UX Designer could lead to a 9% increase in average salary.
  • Lead UI Developer: Another more difficult to find position, but results in a sharp 36% average increase in salary.
  • Senior Software Engineer: On Zippia, one of the common progressions for a front-end developer is to become a Senior Software engineer which pays on average $109,000.
  • Chief Technology Officer: Becoming a CTO is the most lucrative career path for web developers according to Zippia. You’ll need to work well with people and have 10+ years of experience, but you’ll be rewarded with a hefty $153,000 salary.
Front-End Developer Jobs & Salary (2)

Additional Reading: BitDegree has put together another excellent resource for helping web developers determine how much they should expect to be paid.

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How much I can make as a frontend developer? ›

The typical hourly rate for a junior front end developer is around $41–$60. For intermediate front end devs, that jumps to $61–$80 per hour. As you get more experienced, though, you can easily charge rates of $100–$160+ per hour for complex projects.

Is it easy to get a job as a front end developer? ›

The interview process for front-end developers can be challenging. To ace the interview, you'll need extensive knowledge in areas like web performance, system building processes, CSS layout engines, and the fundamentals of computer science.

Which company pays highest salary for front end developer? ›

Top companies for Front End Developers in India
  • Xl Dynamics. 4.3 ₹10,20,511per year. 505 reviews7 salaries reported.
  • 3.6 ₹9,34,855per year. 49 reviews6 salaries reported.
  • Team Lease. 3.8 ₹8,69,807per year. 293 reviews54 salaries reported.
  • Future Focus Infotech. 3.7 ₹8,38,744per year. 117 reviews38 salaries reported.

Is front end well paid? ›

Front end Developer salaries in India range from 1.8 Lakhs to 12.5 Lakhs per year, with an average yearly pay of 4.5 Lakhs. Estimated salaries are based on 9.7k salaries obtained from Front end Developers.

Is frontend good career? ›

High demand, strong salaries, and flexibility make front-end development a great choice whether you're just starting your career or taking a new path in your professional life.

Is front end easier than backend? ›

For these reasons, if we want to say what is easier between front-end development and back-end, the answer is actually back-end. Knowing this is more important than you think: because many people think that front-end development is easy, they may tend to underestimate the complexity of the learning process.

Can I become front-end developer in 1 month? ›

It doesn't matter if you have some experience, limited experience, or no experience at all; you can become a front end developer within six months.

Which language is mostly used in frontend? ›

The most extensively used Frontend Language is HTML, which is a markup language. HyperText Markup Language is the abbreviation for HyperText Markup Language. It's a programming language that is used to make websites and web apps.

Can I learn web development in 3 months? ›

Web development bootcamps typically take 3-4 months to complete and teach all the skills you need to qualify for a web developer job. Learning web development from online courses could take anywhere from a single month to several years, depending on how much time you devote to your courses.

Is front end in demand? ›

Lastly, frontend developers are in high demand, so if job security is a priority for you, this career path is without a doubt a great career choice.

Which software pays highest salary? ›

Top 10 highest paying software jobs in 2022
  • Data security analyst. ...
  • Data scientists. ...
  • DevOps engineer. ...
  • Mobile app developer. ...
  • Full-stack developers. ...
  • Data warehouse architects. ...
  • Site reliability engineers (SRE) ...
  • System engineer.

Is front end Tough? ›

Coding Is Not That Easy For Front-End Development. Even though HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other languages may seem to be accessible at their core, they can get pretty complicated because of what they need to be able to do on various devices.

Is Python a front end language? ›

Languages used for the front end are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript while those used for the back end include Java, Ruby, Python, and . Net.

Is frontend stressful? ›

Front-end development can be stressful at times due to its never-ending libraries, languages, and additional skills one needs to learn every day. Learning to make websites and designing them is all we are hearing about these days.

Is HTML good for front end? ›

Some of the most prominent skills you'll want to have as a front-end developer are: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript: These three languages are essential to anyone who wants to work in front-end development. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript work together to determine the look and functionality of the page.

Which frontend is best? ›

Top 10 Popular Frontend Frameworks to Use in 2022
  • React.
  • Vue.js.
  • Angular.
  • Svelte.
  • JQuery.
  • Ember.
  • Backbone.
  • Semantic UI.
26 Sept 2022

Does front end have future? ›

Front-end developers and organizations are constantly looking for solutions to improve user experience, scalability, and accessibility, among many other things. JavaScript reigns supreme just like it did in 2021 and previous years but it's never a bad idea to learn a new framework or library.

Is SQL front end or backend? ›

SQL, or Structured Query Language, is used to manage data found on a database. MySQL is an open source data management system that's widely used in Back End development. There are other Back End languages, such as Java or ASP.NET, that are used in different industries.

Is JavaScript backend or frontend? ›

Yes, JavaScript is used widely in frontend development, but in recent years is used for backend development too. Node. js (a JavaScript runtime) makes that possible by providing backend functionality.

Which frontend is easiest to learn? ›

Programming languages like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript are among the simpler languages to learn for front-end development.

How many hours do frontend developers work? ›

How many hours does a web developer work each week? Most web developers work full time. This typically translates to 40 hours a week, though exact hours vary. Developers may need to work overtime to meet client or employer needs.

How can I improve my front-end skills? ›

How to Become a Front End Developer?
  1. Learn CSS, JavaScript and HTML. These coding languages are the essential building blocks for web and app development, so you need to learn them. ...
  2. Get Informed. That means reading articles and books about front end development. ...
  3. Practice. ...
  4. Learn the Command Line. ...
  5. Learn Version Control.
18 Nov 2022

Is front-end developer a good career 2022? ›

Is a front end developer role a good long-term career choice? Becoming a front end developer is a good long-term career change: according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of web developers in the US is projected to grow 8% from 2019 to 2029, which is much faster than the average for all occupations.

Is Front-End all about CSS? ›

Front-end web development is the development of the graphical user interface of a website, through the use of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, so that users can view and interact with that website.

Is CSS a front-end language? ›

Front-end devs use front-end programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Front-end developers also use frameworks and libraries like jQuery, AngularJS, SASS, Bootstrap, EmberJS.

Can I become a web developer at 40? ›

It's exciting to be part of something so dynamic, and it means that it's completely normal to be learning something new if you want to become a web developer at 30, become a web developer at 40 or even become a web developer at 50! We all are still learning!

Is web development an easy job? ›

While learning the foundational skills to become a Web Developer is relatively straightforward, becoming a good Web Developer can be more challenging, requiring ongoing learning and effort over years.

How long to learn JavaScript? ›

Here's the short answer: most programmers agree that it takes six to nine months to develop a working proficiency in JavaScript. And even then, you'll spend years learning new skills and developing your understanding of it.

Will AI replace front-end developer? ›

Will increasingly sophisticated AI replace front-end developers? The short answer is: 'No. ' However, writing lots of lines of code in a specific language will become a smaller proportion of the role of a software engineer.

Is front end an engineer? ›

A front-end engineer, also known as a front-end web developer or designer, selects, installs and tests the user interface elements of a website. The front-end developer focuses on the look and feel of the site, along with its functionality.

Is front end paid less? ›

According to some sources, the difference is as little as 1%, while other sources (such as Glassdoor) suggest that back end engineers can earn even 25% more than front end developers! There is definitely a pattern suggesting that back end software development comes with higher salaries.

What is an IT job salary per month? ›

Average salary for a Information Technology IT in India is 8 Lakhs per year (₹66.7k per month).

Which is the easiest job in software? ›

Hands down, the easiest job in any company that produces software for on-premises delivery is the sales job. Everything is magically aligned to make this job “easy” on a relative basis.

Which field is best in IT sector? ›

Here are some of the highest paying IT jobs in 2023:
  • Data Scientist.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Architect.
  • Big Data Engineer.
  • Software Architect.
  • Blockchain Engineer.
  • DevOps Engineer.
  • Cloud Architect.
  • Full-Stack Developer.

What degree is best for front-end developer? ›

Most front-end development careers require a bachelor's degree. Aspiring front-end developers commonly major in computer science, web development, or software development. Essential skills for front-end developers include JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and potentially a graphic design app like Adobe Illustrator.

What is front-end developer examples? ›

Front-end development is the process of building components that interact with users. Examples are the user interface, buttons, user-entered data, websites, and user experience (UX) features.

What are the types of front-end developer? ›

Front-End Jobs Titles
  • Front-End Developer. ...
  • Front-End Engineer (aka JavaScript Developer or Full-stack JavaScript Developer) ...
  • CSS/HTML Developer. ...
  • Front-End Web Designer. ...
  • Web/Front-End User Interface (aka UI) Developer/Engineer. ...
  • Mobile/Tablet Front-End Developer. ...
  • Front-End SEO Expert. ...
  • Front-End Accessibility Expert.

Does front end need math? ›

Front-End Web Developer

This role typically requires basic mathematical skills, such as understanding algebra and geometry. In addition, you will need to be comfortable working with formulas and variables. This is because most front-end development tasks involve calculations and solving problems.

Should I learn frontend first? ›

Even if your ultimate goal is to become a back end or full stack developer, experienced developers might recommend that you master front-end development first. By understanding how the front end of websites are built, you can identify ways to make applications run more smoothly behind the scenes.

Is front end interview hard? ›

Front-end developer interviews are particularly challenging because you need to have both a solid grasp of computer science fundamentals and an understanding of subjects such as web performance, build systems, and CSS layout engines.

Is Java better than Python? ›

Java is generally faster and more efficient than Python because it is a compiled language. As an interpreted language, Python has simpler, more concise syntax than Java. It can perform the same function as Java in fewer lines of code.

Is C++ for front-end? ›

C++ C++ is a widely used programming language nowadays for competitive programming. It is popular as a back-end language too.

Is C++ front-end language? ›

C++ is one of the best front-end programming languages. C++ is developed by Bjarne Stroustrup. This language is also known for the extension of C, i.e., the next version of the C++ language. C++ is used for many purposes like game development, application development, operating system, animation, etc.

Is front-end coding easy? ›

The practice of front end development is similar to playing the bass: it's easy to learn but difficult to master. There is a lot more to it than HTML and CSS (which are plenty difficult onto themselves).

Is front-end coding easier? ›

There's a general perception that front-end developers have it easier than their back-end colleagues. This might be true on a beginner level. In reality, however, mastering either of these two sides of web development requires a lot of hard work and patience. Fortunately, it's very much worth it in the end.

Is front end developer still in demand? ›

Due to the ever-evolving technologies in today's world, there will always be a need for good front-end developers. As such, front-end development will always be a good career path to follow.

Are front-end developer interviews hard? ›

Interviewing for a position as a front-end developer can be tough, especially if you are new to the industry or you haven't had an interview for a while. Having a grasp of web fundamentals is, well, fundamental. Selling yourself is also key.

How long did it take you to get a front-end developer job? ›

It takes 1 to 4 years to become a front-end developer.

Depending on how much time you have and your determination to learn coding languages, you can theoretically learn the skills needed to become a front-end developer in as little as six months. This may not work for all people, though.

Is it hard to find a job as web developer? ›

Landing a job in a competitive industry like web development isn't easy. Even with a relevant education and extensive experience, finding success in the field requires a careful combination of skills, confidence, and determination.

Why should we hire you for front-end developer? ›

Answer. You should hire me for this position because of my proven ability to build efficient front end user interfaces in line with modern best practices. I am experienced in using JavaScript, as well as the React framework, to develop front end applications.

Is developer a stressful job? ›

As a software developer, you've probably experienced stress multiple times and every time seems a little different yet the sensation is the same. A developer's job is very stressful due to its nature: you need to build or create, and you need to do it quickly.

Which developer job is the easiest? ›

Easiest Developer Skills to Hire For in 2021
  • Python. Released in 1991, Python is still highly a popular language for developers to learn at a professional level. ...
  • ReactJS. ReactJS is a very popular front-end JavaScript framework created by Facebook. ...
  • AI and Machine Learning. ...
  • Docker. ...
  • Django. ...
  • React Native. ...
  • Ruby. ...
  • Rust.
21 Oct 2020

Can I learn front-end in 2 months? ›

Many aspiring programmers, freelancers, and small business owners want to learn front end web development but are unsure how much time it will take to master it. Luckily, you can master the basics of HTML in less than three weeks and front end web development as a whole within six months if you diligently focus.

Do big companies hire front end developers? ›

High-profile companies are hiring front end developers to improve their business visibility. You can also work for development firms that offer design services like mobile designs and digital experiences. These companies offer great benefits and learning opportunities for career growth.

What is the lowest salary for web developer? ›

Salary Estimate of a Junior Web Developer

Indeed: $56.7k/year, with the lowest percent making only $14k/year. ZipRecruiter: slightly above $50.2k/year. 18% of jobs will pay $42k-$48k/year.

Can a fresher get a front end developer job? ›

Freshers with development knowledge can apply. Experience in HTML/CSS & Bootstrap (2 years Preferred). Job Types: Full-time, Walk-In.

How to get a job as front end developer with no experience? ›

Like with everything else in life, there's a strategy that you can use to help you get that new job a little faster.
  1. Have a portfolio ready. ...
  2. Have some references ready. ...
  3. Show your non-technical skills. ...
  4. Make sure you understand the basic concepts for interviews. ...
  5. Be willing to shotgun applications.
12 Mar 2019


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